About Daniel Bahl

Daniel Bahl in Action
Vector-grafik tegnet i Sketch.app pΓ₯ macOS
Daniel Bahl in action πŸ€ͺ️

I’m a nerd πŸ€“ and an entrepreneur πŸ‘· currently focused on e-learning, cloud and automated intelligent platforms πŸ€– coding awesome backends, automation and AIs/ML with Cloud ☁️ and security πŸ” in mind.

#Me Noisy Linux 🐧 and Apple 🍎 fanatic, skilled developer, house owner in Silkeborg Denmark 🏑, photographer, video podcaster, emoji lover, and a Weber Grill πŸ₯© Guru. Oh. And a yellow car-owner, codename Hot Mustard πŸš• πŸ˜…

I’m a patient perfectionist with a focus on simple minimalistic design, both in terms of code as well as UIs. I love to solve complex problems in an ingenious and creative way – and I love to take on time-consuming workflows with automation, APIs and AI.

To sum everything up, I’m a friendly geek who has been writing code for more than twenty years and still going strong πŸ™‚

Before.. πŸ¦–

I’ve been living in a world of hosting and data centers until 2013 when I sold my company ServerHosting A/S to Zitcom. With this, I said goodbye to being a stressed solo-guy running more than 600+ servers, a large Cloud-infrastructure, Cisco routers and firewalls and all the code behind our awesome self-service panel and automation. One guy. 600+ servers. I didn’t get much sleep back then πŸ˜‰

Now.. πŸŽ‰

I’m working together with my awesome team at ServicePoint A/S with a mission to make the power of modern technology and the Cloud available to everybody πŸ™‚ We are crafting awesome revolutionary stuff surrounding Cloud-services, AI and the Internet. We are located in IT-byen in Aarhus together with among others, Google Denmark, Xamarin, Bank Data, Microsoft, Plex, Cure4you, B&O and VMware.